Deluge Quick Kit


Deluge Quick Kit is a tiny Mac app for Synthstrom Deluge users.

Quickly and easily make kit XML from a folder of samples or synth XML files.

Just drop a folder of samples and/or synth XMLs to make a kit - that's it!

To use the app unzip the download and place the DelugeQuickKit app either at the root of your Deluge SD card or somewhere handy on your Mac, like the Desktop.

If you run the app from your Deluge SD card it will automatically save the kit XML file in KITS and copy any required samples over to SAMPLES/KITS.

If you run the app from your Mac you'll have to copy those files over manually. You'll see full instructions in the app.


  • Kit rows are made in alphabetical order.
  • Number your files to force a specific order, like 1-kick.wav, 2-snare.wav, etc
  • Files other than WAV, AIF and XML are ignored.
  • You can drop a folder onto the app icon or into the open app.
  • Deluge Quick Kit is Mac only. No windows version planned.

The app is provided as-is with no warranty whatsoever. Always backup your files!

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Deluge Quick Kit

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