Meat Beats

FM electric pianos sampled from real FM hardware.

FEM-RODO delivers classic electric piano sounds sampled from FM hardware synths.

Meticulously multi-sampled from vintage 80s synths and modern FM hardware for those beautiful textures only FM synthesis can produce.

50 presets including glassy digital sounds, soft and rounded Rhodes/Wulri style sounds, stage and acoustic pianos and a selection of layered sounds.

Custom patches and classic presets sampled from Yamaha DX100, TX81Z, FB-01 & Korg FM2. All samples were hand-looped for long sustains and have up to 20 samples per preset.

Two options when you buy:

  1. Get the VST/AU plugin for Mac & Windows OR
  2. Get the VST/AU plugin for Mac & Windows plus 16 chord sets for Scaler 2, 48 MIDI files and 48 audio clips. Includes all the music in the demo video as MIDI and audio.

Watch the demo video:

I want this!


I want this!