Freq Mode for Deluge


75 FM Synth Presets for Synthstrom Deluge

Only internal FM synth operators used - no samples or wavetables. Each preset is a single XML file.

I pushed the Deluge's 2-operator FM synth in all directions and created a wide range of sounds from synth bass to strings and brass to electric pianos and sci-fi pads. Many sounds are ported fairly closely from classic hardware FM synths like Yamaha TX81Z and FB-01. Others take advantage of Deluge's unique algorithms with modulator feedback and series/parallel modulation and the dual envelopes and LFOs.

To install just copy the FREQ folder to the SYNTHS folder on your Deluge SD card.

To load from SYNTH folders hit LOAD+SYNTH then scroll SELECT or use the grid keyboard.

(Firmware 4.0 or later is required to use folders inside the main SYNTHS folder)

Presets are organized in category folders. All folder names and preset names are 4 characters for easy browsing on new OLED or classic LED (no scrolling text!).


  • 20 × BASS - synth bass, techno bass, warm bass, etc
  • 15 × KEYS - digital and electric pianos, clavichord, etc
  • 15 × ORCH - strings, brass, woodwind, bells, etc
  • 5 × ORGN - jazz organ, club organ, 60's organ, etc
  • 10 × PADS - warm pads, evolving pads, etc
  • 10 × SYTH - plucks, atmospheric synths, etc
  • 10 × DRUM & SFX (BONUS) - drum hits and sound effects

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Freq Mode for Deluge

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